Friday, August 13, 2010

Normal Life

Work Work Work !!! D;

recently end work about 8pm ,
damn shag and tired wor ..
but i rather work everyday ,
so that everyday got money to spend :D

and can buy thing for my family, mei mei and joel di to EAT <3
past few day i brought durian and Kfc to joel Di house for him to enjoy
althought i spend alot money for this few days
i also feel so happy when i see him enjoy eating ..
My poor mei mei love durian alot but can't eat , cos she having chicken pop..
nevermind i will buy for her when she recover :D <3

Now at cyrus with tian cheng Di and JOEL DI playing lan
jus now just eat yogurt with joel Di next too cyrus
its very Ex , but nevermind de
eat and happy can le!
going home very soon
damn tired already D;

good night

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonderful days

Recently is very busy with my work , thats why don't have the time to update my blog :D 
past few days i have be meeting ah jas , darren teo , zoe , my son xiao darryl and my Di nicholas :D 
but recently my di is sick , thats why i recently buy dinner for him ! GET WELL SOON DI :D 

life is so wonderful recently , my and my brother went to pasar malam to shop , eat chili fish ,famous duck rice and go play pool ! :D life is full of colours :D
Love everyone !

Thursday, July 8, 2010

They look so cute , thank to my bestie ZOEY TANG :D

This cute soft Toy really make me feel like i want to be like them,
 They look like a Happy Family
with no stress
no problem
no quarrel

Recently busy working, so don't really have time to update my lovely Blog :D
Today just went to Bugis with My Both son (Darryl) and (Basil) and JiaMin:D
went to play Tekken and go to temple and pray then Walk walk :D 
after that meet Da Darryl at tiong and we go Cyrus
meet Tian Cheng and HanLong :D
Sian going Home Soon, Tomorrow still need to work
SO i can have Enough Money to Buy something Important for my brother NIcholas
althought recently we both never contact le
but i already promise to get him something
so i must Do IT !!! :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday KimJio

I'm really very happy with my birthday celebration this year.
really alot people come for the party , about 40 over people attend
at UNION PUB at boat quay. 

People who attend kimjio birthday :D

Garret-Zhi liang-Qixian-Dieter-Bertram-Ashely redsoldier-Tan wei jie-joseph-NamSien Ben-Andy-Amanda-Stephanie-Andy Cousin-Xiao Bai-Teck Kian-Ting Feng-Eugene-Aaron-JunYuan-Ivan-Brandan Ong-Brandon Ho-Chee Ming-XiaoHei-Eric-Basil-Mc Hong-Wei Jie- HuiLing-Ashely Kho-Simin-ShiMing-Casselyn-Charlene-ZaiRong-Ah Van-Shermaine-Carlito-Douglas-HanLong-XiaoDarryl-Qin Wei-Zoey-Jarek-TianCheng-YongMing-Emerson-JiaMin :D

 On my birthday i drink alot and end up i was Drunk and then my Brother Nicholas take care of me for the whole party, i was very Touch by my brother when he Hug me tight and allow me to rest on his shoulder because i cant even sit properly on the chair, then i suddenly Saw his tears row down from his cheek and i also cant stand it and let go my tears down too !!!
Alhought we both always Quarrel, but we both brother is 100% strong enough for our brothership
No matter Who Or what happen , Will never never bring us brothers DOWN !!!
And i will never even allow anyone to Bully my Brother .
Hope everyone of my good brothers outside will help me look after my one and only Blood brother NICHOLAS Tan :"( thank alot everyone !!!

thank alot to all brothers and sister who kup all the drink that day
you all really help me alot alot, if without you all , my birthday wont be so happy :D

Total We open 5 TOWER of TIGER and MY MARTELL KING

My friend and MARTELL KING

My Baobei ERZii :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Brox Forever
No one can bring our brothership down Forever

Friday, May 28, 2010

IT's GONE :(
In this world,
When someone leave you, you will never get him/her back in any way.
its just like when a house is on fire, even you put off the fire
those thing which had be burn will never ever get back

Thats why we must,
Never regret after you lost someone important
because no matter so hard you cry or try
it will never come back to you

Go look forward
For your future , and think what should you change for the better
after you lost someone .

On this world
nothing is impossible, just try your best and so that, you wont lose anyone important
anymore in future again .

Need to relax
whenever you are in trouble

Enough of stress and sadness

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You broke my heart

And won't repair it

You took my love

and won't give it back

You made me feel

and never did

You made me have hope

and you gave up

My heart is broken

You gave me good times

You gave me bad times

You let me fall for you

You let me fall in love

And you let go of me

And you let me have my heart-broken